How Much I Love You!


Our Do-It-Yourself mini-book kit includes all the elements to fold and bind a mini book. The three kits we are offering allow you to create either a personalized mini-love-book, or a mini-book with your own title, or a mini-book with the cover in the color of your choice. The pages are blank or decorated with translucent roses – ready to bee filled by hand with all your love! All kits come with a pattern to fold a little giftbox.

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… I Love You Thiiiiiiis Much!


“I Love You Thiiiiiiis Much!” is a book about pure love addressed to any child you unconditionally love. This personalized book opens an unlimited world of imagination and emotions around the love of a parent, or any other family member (aunt, grand-mother, grand-father, etc.) to a child. Written by the Swiss writer Urs Richle, it has been lovely illustrated in 3 versions by 3 well-known Swiss artists. Discover it now and get immersed in the world of true love!

“I Love You Thiiiiiiis Much!” is the perfect gift for a child on any occasion and represents the best way to say how much you love him or her! The personalized book has the child’s name in the title, and can have a dedication to him/her printed inside the book.

Last but not least, it’s available in several languages and can be printed on demand and mailed anywhere around the world.

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I Spy With My Little Eye

The fantastic search picture book for young and old!
Let yourself be transported from the pictures of this book into the world of your own imagination. Try words, metaphors and stories like vehicles between imaginary worlds, and each time dazzle your partner with a new discovery!

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Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst!

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Das fantastische Such-Bilderbuch für Gross und Klein!
Lassen Sie sich von den Bildern dieses Buches in die Welt Ihrer eigenen Fantasie transportieren. Probieren Sie Worte, Metaphern und Geschichten aus wie Fahrzeuge zwischen imaginären Welten, und verblüffen Sie ihre Spielpartnerin oder ihren Spielpartner jedes Mal mit einer neuen Entdeckung!

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